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Transparent asset management with a team dedicated to you.

Partnering with investment firms across Canada to provide secure and consistent investment options that outperform the markets. Our team at Parallel Wealth puts you and your assets at the forefront of all our decisions.


Dividend Growth

Our primary focus is to work with Portfolio Managers who root themselves in a dividend growth philosophy. The certified professionals exclusively create customized portfolios through original and exhaustive fundamental analysis. The companies invested in are typically deemed undervalued and provide an above average dividend yield. These opportunities provide potential long-term earnings and dividend growth for the investor.

These investors allocate your assets across a variety of sectors, industries, market caps, and geographies to position yourself safely within the market. Through allocation of a numerous equities and bonds, the returns have been exceptional over the years.

Mortgage Investment

Investing in mortgages is a strong option for those wishing to invest outside of the stock market. This reduces a large portion of risk while still realizing competitive monetary gains.

Our firm works alongside local MICs who invest funds in both residential and commercial mortgages located in Western Canada. The firms we work with hold a 75%/25% first and second mortgage portfolio. They offer a variety of dividend payout or re-investment options. The certified professionals in this field have reputable knowledge of sound and secure investments which provide high returns on investment.

Non-Traditional Portfolio

Another aspect of our investment fundamentals include non-traditional investment options. The firms we work with provide portfolios that combine capital appreciation and high cashflows.

These portfolios show low correlation with your traditional stock market fluctuations. These organizations provide access to institutional products not available at the retail level. Typical holdings include, but are not limited to, foreign mortgages, accounts receivables, real estate, currencies, hedge funds and tangible assets such as raw land, infrastructure, and preferred share offerings tied to development projects.

Investment Options

Portfolio Manager Referrals

Our firm prides itself in offering best-in-class financial planning. We are the first point of contact regarding all your financial needs. When it comes to investments, we refer our clients to Portfolio Managers at multiple firms specializing in specific investment styles. This is intended to best suit your needs, risk level, and investment preference.

Our team at Parallel Wealth becomes your advocate with these investment institutions, reassuring you that assets under management are performing the way intended. There is security throughout this relationship as your money invested with a Private Wealth Manager is held by a custodian who safeguards your money.

We are not binded to these organizations and if they were to underperform, our team would work to find a better option for your investments. See below the investment groups we work with alongside you.

Please note there is a householdĀ investible asset requirement of $750,000 to work with our partner firms.


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Asset Custodians

Management Fees

Assets Under Management

At Parallel Wealth, we are transparent in every aspect of the business; fees are no exception. Our firm believes in lower fees to increase your yearly return rates. Starting at just 1.5% of your investible assets, this decreases as your assets under management increase.

Your fees cover both the expenses of professional portfolio management through one of our affiliating partners and our team of financial advisors here at Parallel Wealth. These fees are split evenly between the two firms who work extensively on your behalf.


"I highly recommend Adam and his team at Parallel Wealth. He is very knowledgeable about various investments, taxation, small business, and market trends, but also gets to know his clients and their goals to provide the best service for us and our family."

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