Retirement Income Program™

Plan Implementation & Ongoing Support

Investment Partners
Management Fees

Implementation of your Retirement Plan with ongoing support and plan updates

Our RIP™ allows you to enjoy retirement and let our team take on the heavy lifting of updating your plan, setting up your cashflow, ensuring your estate plan is on track, and much more.


Why Our Clients Choose the Retirement Income Program?

  1. You want help implementing your retirement plan
  2. You want to enjoy retirement and have someone look after the finer details
  3. Your current portfolio manager is not meeting your needs
  4. You are looking to reduce your fees
  5. Your current ‘advisor’ doesn’t provide planning and just sells products

 While our Retirement Plans provide a clear direction for your retirement, many struggle with the implementation of plan itself.  Or maybe you are tired of dealing with your ‘advisor that just sells mutual funds and charges high fees.

For most clients that move to the Retirement Income Program™, they end up reducing their fees while partnering with a firm that specializes in retirement planning and more of a white glove service for their investments – who doesn’t like getting more and paying less!!

If you are looking for a retirement plan and also considering a better option for your investments, let’s have a chat to see if our Retirement Income Program ™ is a good fit for you.

Please note there is a household investible asset requirement of $750,000 to work with our partner firms. If you don’t currently meet this requirement, we can still assist you with your retirement planning needs.  During our planning process we can discuss different options with you that might better serve you and your investments moving forward.

Investment Partners

Portfolio Managers

Our firm prides itself in offering best-in-class financial planning. We are the first point of contact regarding all your financial needs. When it comes to investments, we refer our clients to Portfolio Managers at multiple firms specializing in specific investment styles. This is intended to best suit your needs, risk level, and investment preference.

Our team at Parallel Wealth becomes your advocate with these investment institutions, reassuring you that assets under management are performing the way intended. There is security throughout this relationship as your money invested with a Private Wealth Manager is held by a custodian who safeguards your money.

We are not binded to these organizations and if they were to underperform, our team would work to find a better option for your investments. See below the investment groups we work with alongside you.

Please note there is a household investible asset requirement of $750,000 to work with our partner firms.


Dividend Growth | Mortgage | Non-Traditional

Asset Custodians

Management Fees

Assets Under Management

At Parallel Wealth, we are transparent in every aspect of the business; fees are no exception. Our firm believes in lower fees to increase your yearly return rates. Starting at just 1.5% of your investible assets, this decreases as your assets under management increase.

Your fees cover both the expenses of professional portfolio management through one of our affiliating partners and our team of financial advisors here at Parallel Wealth. These fees are split evenly between the two firms who work extensively on your behalf.