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These folks are "TOP" notch .... They are awesome on how they deal with the client, especially with their response to the client which tends to be a video file paired up with their retirement guide and/or the clients questions. This definitely sets them above and beyond others. I now feel I have a comfortable retirement plan and my stress level has been reduced........

Rick B. Calgary, Alberta


Choose From 1 of Our 4 Options Below 

Individual Retirement Plan


For Individuals looking to build a clear Retirement and Estate plan

Our Individual Plan Includes:

  • A clear plan to maximize cashflow while minimizing taxes throughout retirement.
  • Comprehensive retirement cashflow plan.
  • Knowledge when to take CPP and OAS.
  • An estate plan and on death tax bill reduction.
  • An 'optimal' retirement scenario using our RRSP Meltdown and Laddered Income strategies.
  • Tax management around investment accumulation and decumulation to compliment both the estate and retirement plan.
  • Defined Benefit Pension planning - a plan for what to do if you commute your pension.
  • An ideal spending plan built around your go go, slow go and no go stages of retirement. 
  • 3 months of post-delivery support  to answer questions, clarify, or discuss any financial planning topics that may come up.
  • Plan updates after plan delivery are done on a discounted rate.
  • Access to our Financial Masterclass - over 100 educational videos and content created in house for our clients.  

Household Retirement Plan


For Households looking to build a clear Retirement and Estate plan

Our Household Plan Includes:

  • Everything in the Individual Retirement Plan, plus...
  • Spousal income splitting optimization.
  • Registered account withdrawals taking into consideration moving parts from both spouses.
  • The ideal CPP and OAS timing that compliments both spouses within the plan.
  • Household RRSP Meltdown and Laddered Income strategies.
  • Stress tests to ensure longevity of the plan if one spouse/partner passes early.
  • Leveling of average tax rates between the spouses to ensure optimal tax efficiency. 








Corporate or Rental Plan


For Canadians with Rental Property or a Corporation

Our Corporate & Rental Plan Includes:

  • Everything in the Household Financial Plan, plus...
  • For those Canadians with revenue generating property and/or a corporation.
  • Corporate tax and income planning.
  • Capital Dividend Account planning and utilization.
  • Transitioning your assets from corporate to the personal side both tax efficiently and timely.
  • Alternate scenarios for retirement - showing detailed cashflow and tax analysis.  Examples Include: sale of real estate, delaying CPP, inheritance, and sale of business.
  • Calculations for up to 3 rental properties. Please contact us if you have more than 3 rental units.






Portfolio Management & Planning Services

Retirement Income Program

Ongoing Portfolio Management for your Investment Accounts

 Who this is for:

  • Canadians tired of paying high fees at your current financial institution without receiving adequate service.
  • A desire for more transparency in your investment portfolio - what you own and what you pay.
  • Those looking to invest in alternative options compared to stocks and bonds. Such As: private equity or MICs.
  • Individuals looking for more of a comprehensive investment experience versus your mutual funds.
  • Those that desire a long term relationship with a Financial Planning team to walk you into/through retirement.
  • Tax efficiency around your investments to best compliment your retirement and estate plan.
  • Portfolio customization and full fee transparency
  • Estate Planning advice around your will, POA, planned giving and other estate and asset transition on death.
  • *Includes a full Financial Plan and ongoing review and support - our team quarterbacks your financial world!* 



Step #1

Purchase Your Plan

Click on the package above that best suits your needs.  Click 'purchase plan' and make payment securely online with a credit card or Paypal.

If you would like to chat before paying, book a call through the link below.

Step #2

Gather Information

1. Receive a welcome email from our office along with a financial planning questionnaire and advisory service agreement

2. Complete the forms and send back to our office

3. Book a Zoom call for 'optimal' plan delivery (4-8 weeks out)

Step #3

Plan Build

We will reach out to you within a week of receiving your financial planning questionnaire with any questions.

We will also book a 15 minute call to introduce your planner and gather more in depth goals you have for your plan so that your final retirement plan answers all those questions and concerns in the back of your head!

Step #4

Plan Delivery

Our deliverable includes:

Retirement Guide; 
PDF Plan Breakdown; 
Detailed Excel Spreadsheet; 
Personalized 10-minute Video: breaking down your plan numbers and details; 
Retirement Resource Manual

Sample of our Retirement Plan & Deliverables

Our Retirement Plans are built on a dynamic program and we go through it with you in fine detail to make sure you have a complete understanding of every small detail from income flow, tax, estate planning and more. 

Our plan deliverable includes a Retirement Guide, PDF and Excel of the plan, as well as a video breakdown of your plan PDF so you know how to read the report.


Pension Commuted Value Calculation


A Clear Calculation to Determine Pension or Commuted Value Options

Pension Calculation Plan Includes:

  • A clear breakdown of your current pension and determining whether it financially makes more sense to take commuted value or the lifetime pension option provided by your previous employer.
  • This is not a comprehensive plan, but entirely isolates your pension and commuted value to determine which option provides the most income through retirement to fund your lifestyle.
  • If you opt for either the individual, household, or corporate & rental plans listed above, this calculation is included and takes into account your entire financial world including a meltdown method of the commuted value based on all investments and goals.
  • This plan package does not have the same deliverable as our other options, but we will discuss the pension versus commuted value over Zoom and provide a summary to help you make an informed decision.