Personal Finance MASTERCLASS 2.0 for Canadians

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Designed to provide you with the knowledge for financial success. Take control of your financial future.


What You Will Learn In This Course

Our Masterclass is designed to simplify the process and language around your financial, retirement and estate plan.

You will have the insight and knowledge to move forward building a solid plan, either DIY or next steps to work with an advisor. 

1 Understand what financial, retirement and estate plans are.  You will also understand the different between each one and how they work together.

2 Determine next steps to build a solid plan.  Whether you are a DIYer or will work with an advisor, this course will set you up for your next step to succeed.

3 Learn how to properly protect your loved ones.  Our course breaks down the types of income protection and steps to choose the right coverage for you and your family.

4 Strategies to minimize taxes.  We all want to pay less tax.  This course will give you easy to use and understand examples of how to save thousands in taxes - year after year!

5 Tips and tricks to maximize your wealth at each life stage.  We will go through the many stages of life throughout the course and help you maximize your potential, regardless of age.

6 What investment accounts to use. Have you ever been unsure if you should use a TFSA or RRSP? Or both? We will break down the correct answer for you in the course.


Who Is This Masterclass For?

In simple's for every Canadian of every age. We cover wealth accumulation and estate information to help at any stage of life.

After 15+ years of helping Canadians build their financial plans, I have learned that the financial literacy in Canada is far below where it needs to be.  This is no fault of Canadians, but the education system we grew up in.  

There are no financial planning courses in highschool, which means that we know more about calculus than compound interest.

Common feedback we get from prospects about financial planning.

"It's too complicated...I don't know where to start"

"The government will take care of me"

"I will figure it out later"

Our goal is to take the reasons (excuses) away from you and replace it with financial literacy and insight. Ultimately preparing now for a minimal stress future.

The Masterclass is for everyone from a young beginner to a retiree and everyone in between.

You don't need any financial knowledge to take this class.  Our videos and supporting documents will build your financial literacy to a higher level, regardless of your starting point.

We spent a lot of time scouring the internet prior to making our course - you see, our intention was to recommend a good course someone else had created...unfortunately we couldn't find one. We found DIY investing courses in Canada, but nothing focused on financial planning.  

The ability to learn all you need to know from the comfort of your home will hopefully make this course more successful.  No going into your bank to speak to someone that gives bad advice, no meeting your 'broker' in his high-rise tower downtown...just grab your phone, tablet or computer and sit back and learn.

Lastly, this course is for someone that wants to make a change - both short term and long.  We will equip you with the knowledge, but you need to implement the knowledge gained to have success. 

If you are ready to start paying less tax, create a solid financial plan and make all the right steps along the way, then let's get started! 

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Retirement

Through the video lessons, worksheets and more, you will gain insight and next steps to develop a comprehensive retirement plan either DIY or with an advisor.


Learn at your pace... in the convenience of your home.

On Demand - for your on demand life

I know life is busy and there are a million things pulling at you. 

How many of those things would disappear if you could get your finances in order?

We made it as easy as possible to work through our Masterclass - with full access through an app (Android and Apple).  Now there are no excuses.

Work on the course at your pace and on demand!


That’s right: Look through the course, check out the bonuses, follow the steps, put in the work, and if you don’t love it in the first 7 days of your purchase, send me an email and I’ll refund you immediately. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

Stop delaying your financial freedom today

Wouldn't it be nice to have the financial knowledge to make the right financial decisions for you and your family.  With our Masterclass you are only a few months away from having just this - FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Or you can keep plugging away at the abundance of bad knowledge posted online that continues to spiral your finances out of control.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question in the list below, please reach out to us directly at [email protected] and we will get your question answered.