Asset Management

Research. Manage. Communicate.

For over a decade, we have placed our clients' assets in the capable hands of the BCV team. This strategic partnership has enabled Parallel Wealth to concentrate on Retirement Planning, while simultaneously delivering a top-tier investment solution to our valued clients.

This service requires a minimum household investable asset of $750,000 for engagement.

Management Fee


At Parallel Wealth, transparency is paramount in our business, extending to our fee structure. With a starting rate of 1.5% on investable assets, fees decrease as assets under management grow. These cover expert portfolio management and support from our financial advisors, with equitable distribution between BCV and our team, aligning with your financial interests.

BCV Fundamentals

Dividend Growth

We focus on conservative, large-capitalization, blue-chip companies that align with our value investment style. These companies, characterized by robust balance sheets, industry leadership, and above-average profitability, serve as the cornerstone for our pursuit of long-term earnings and dividend growth. When initiating positions, we target shares trading at below-average valuation multiples, positioning client portfolios for anticipated price appreciation over time.

We distinguish ourselves through a meticulous, research-driven approach, conducting thorough fundamental analysis on potential investments. We supplement our internal research with selective use of external research, which broadens our understanding of targeted companies. In addition, we engage in capital market forecasting for the countries and regions in which we invest, thus ensuring a more comprehensive perspective on our investment portfolios.

Client equity investments are guided by our commitment to long-term value creation. We embrace a buy-and-hold strategy, and aim to stay fully invested as we seek to maximize capital returns while minimizing capital risk. We are selective in the companies included in client investment portfolios, typically holding 45 to 50 individual securities as a concentrated philosophy. We aim for a balance between a focus on compelling investments and appropriate diversification.

Moreover, continuous vigilance is integral to our investment approach. We regularly reassess our investment holdings, validating the initial rationale for their selection and ensuring they remain reasonably valued.

Our adherence to our process has created long-term value for clients.

Fixed Income

BCV’s fixed income strategy is rooted in fundamental analysis and security selection, with a special emphasis on corporate bonds. Our core competency lies in credit analysis, which enables us to capitalize on the significant additional yield offered by corporate bonds compared to government bonds. While government bonds may be strategically employed for tactical and liquidity purposes, the primary focus remains on company fundamentals, supplemented by third party credit rating data.

The investment universe spans across the investment grade and non-investment grade spectrum, allowing us to carefully evaluate opportunities based on in-depth research. The majority of our fixed income holdings mature, or are expected to be called, within a time frame of 1 to 10 years. This offers the flexibility to adapt to changes in interest rates. Additionally, within client portfolios we employ bond laddering to help mitigate maturity concentration risks within a given year.


BCV oversees and manages a diversified, multi-asset class, Alternatives investment portfolio that is sub-advised by specialists. Alternative assets, unlike stocks that are traded on an exchange, consist of private holdings in asset classes such as: real estate, mortgages, infrastructure, private credit, private equity, and other liquid alternatives. While the majority of BCV’s Alternatives holdings are private investments, we maintain a portion of the portfolio in liquid securities for investors with near-term cash flow requirements. 

We follow a robust due diligence process in evaluating each Alternatives opportunity. Our initial focus is on fundamental characteristics that include capital preservation, low volatility, strong cash flows, strong management teams and a track record of success.  After the initial review, the next step is to interview senior management with a detailed set of questions. As part of our financial due diligence, we evaluate financial statements, performance track records, underlying leverage, and fee structures. In addition, we conduct operational due diligence, which includes onsite visits, reviewing corporate governance structures, and a thorough review of documentation. Once an investment is selected, we conduct ongoing research, scrutinizing each investment for any change to the initial investment thesis.

The added value of over $1.10 billion that BCV has provided to its clients to date since its inception in 2007.  The blue line represents the net invested capital that clients have entrusted with BCV with the green line representing the growth and market value of that invested capital over time.  The video also highlights the numerous challenges and events that financial markets have faced over the same 17-year timeline. Please watch this video for more details.




"I highly recommend Adam and his team at Parallel Wealth. He is very knowledgeable about various investments, taxation, small business, and market trends, but also gets to know his clients and their goals to provide the best service for us and our family."

Jennifer B.

Small Business Owner