You've worked hard to build your future.

Are you doing what you can to protect it?

Whether you're planning for retirement, running a business, supporting a young family or somewhere in between, you need a financial advisor that understands your unique needs. Parallel Wealth helps clients save, invest and manage their money wisely so they can achieve their financial goals and feel confident about the future.

Parallel Wealth

Planning for retirement?

Retirement should be enjoyed—without fear of not having enough. Will your savings generate enough income to help you live comfortably? Do you have a plan for protecting your money, while enjoying the life you've worked hard to build? We can help create a comprehensive strategy to ensure your future is solid and secure.

How we can help:

  • Plan wisely for your retirement
  • Analyze your current investment portfolio
  • Develop a strategic financial plan
  • Minimize your tax liabilities
  • Leave a legacy to your family
  • Protect your lifestyle

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Young Family or Professional?

Between your demanding career and a young family, it's difficult to make time to think about your finances. You're doing your best to save responsibly, but you still feel like you're missing a solid financial plan. The earlier you start investing in your future, the greater your returns. Work with us to protect the future you're building!

How we can help:

  • Professional budgeting & financial advice
  • Grow your financial resources
  • Protect your income from sickness or injury
  • Maximize TFSA and RRSP savings
  • Purchase a mortgage
  • Save for your children’s education
  • Protect your family with life insurance

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Parallel Wealth

Parallel Wealth

Running a Business?

Leading an organization isn’t easy. Every day, you’re on—considering how to improve company systems and grow revenue. We understand how stressful running a business can be. We will work alongside your business to build systems that attract and retain great employees.

How we can help:

  • Retirement savings plans for your employees
  • Financial and retirement plan for you
  • Guidance around how to pay yourself
  • Protect your income from sickness or injury
  • How to maximize savings inside your company
  • Referrals to other tax and legal professionals
  • Business Succession planning

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The Parallel Wealth Difference

We take your financial goals seriously. Our team is here to help with prompt communication, personalized service and transparency you can find only at Parallel Wealth.

Independent Advisors

Certified Financial Planners have a legal fiduciary obligation to put your family’s interests above our own. We work hard to help our clients succeed.

Unbiased Approach

Unlike our competitors, we don’t offer inhouse products. We’re focused on finding what fits you best with a solutions-based approach, not pushing products with higher commissions and higher fees.

Fee Flexibility

Not only do banks charge higher fees than we do, their hurried service makes you feel like you’re just a number. Our advisors charge less—and provide personalized service you can’t find at a large corporation.

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"Parallel Wealth has saved me money and made me money—I would refer Parallel Wealth without hesitation. They are knowledgeable in their industry and care deeply for clients. Adam took the time to get to know my family as well as my business so he could offer timely advice and support."


Most people are saving money without a plan. Parallel Wealth helps clients save, invest and manage their money wisely so they can achieve their financial goals and feel confident about the future.

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Your Wealth Plan

Simply saving money for the future isn’t enough—you need a professional financial advisor to set you and your loved ones up for success.

Meet With Us

Book a free call with an advisor to share your current goals and discuss if our services are right for you. If they are, we'll dive deeper into your finances during an in-person meeting!

Personalized Financial Strategy

With a clear understanding of your unique goals in mind, we'll create a customized plan to help you work towards achieving them!

Retire Confidently

Our team monitors your wealth as it builds, keeping you informed every step. With a financial strategy in place, you'll have confidence in your financial future.

"Parallel Wealth has always provided our family with exceptional service. Their advice is always based on empathy; they can be trusted to have your best interest."



Become Retirement Ready

Wondering how many years you have before you can retire? Curious if the money you have saved will last throughout your golden years? Download our free guide to help you become retirement ready.

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