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Tailored financial advice to help you thrive. Focused on wealth management and retirement planning at our core.

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We work in parallel with every client – our solutions are implemented personally before our clients to reassure success. Our team invests alongside our clients and we walk with them during the retirement building and implementation process, every step of the way.


Our goal is to help clients build wealth – the team creates solutions, we don’t sell products. This allows us to create unbiased plans to help our clients create a clear and precise plan around their financial needs and goals. Not only benefiting now, but future generations to come.

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September 2006

Starting Off

Gaining the base knowledge of the financial planning industry, Adam Bornn began his journey in personal finance upon graduation from Trinity Western University. He pursued a career to build the financial security and growth of his clientele.

October 2014


Upon gaining 8 years' experience working at Wiffen Financial and Singer Olfert, Adam Bornn recognized there was room for growth within the financial planning industry and sought out to make that change by founding Parallel Wealth Financial Group.

July 2017

New Business Platform

Seeking out better investment options for Parallel Wealth clients, Adam chose to leave the mutual fund business. The team became solely focused on financial planning and began working with top investment firms in Canada to best serve their clients.

February 2018

Office Relocation

As the business grew, it was time to relocate the office within Langley, BC. This offered growth opportunities for Parallel Wealth moving forward. The new location provided a better place for meeting with clients and serving the community. 

March 2021

YouTube and Restructure

During the global pandemic, Parallel Wealth recognized more than ever the need for financial education across Canada. YouTube was the best course of action and began growing rapidly. Seeing a need to align every aspect of the firm, restructuring Parallel Wealth ensued shortly after.

January 2024

Growing Team and New Location

Following the addition of planners and admin staff, Parallel Wealth has relocated to a new office within Langley, at the Latimer Village Business Hub. The office is optimized for team unity and client interactions. This marks a pivotal opportunity in our mission to better serve clients.

Parallel Wealth helps clients save, invest and manage their money wisely so they can achieve their financial goals and feel confident about the future.