Do you travel? Would you prefer to pay less for your travel? We have a unique opportunity for you. What’s in it for us? Nothing – our goal is to help you save for and enjoy retirement, but also enjoy life along the way.

We have partnered with The Points Brothers, who help people save 1000s of dollars on travel with custom points and miles plans for your travel needs. Let me explain….

We all have a credit card or two that we use because we get points and free things - toaster, cash back or a free night in a hotel. But are your points being maximized? And is your reward for spending all that money on the card matching your needs?

The Points Brothers understand the intricacies of credit card points and how to maximize them to save you thousands on travel. They also know what cards to own when travelling to get seat upgrades, lounge access, hotel upgrades and much more.

Through our partnership, we have negotiated a discount on their packages. Both packages include a custom plan that maximizes your savings and points for your next trip. They will also help you book your vacation when the time comes to make sure every point is maximized.

Do you already have a bunch of points but aren’t sure how to spend them wisely? They can help put a plan together for this as well.

Whether your trip is in 6 months, 1 year, or longer, let The Points Brothers build a plan to save you thousands on your next trip. This isn’t a gimmick! They are local and dedicated to changing the way you travel.

We have spent many hours researching and meeting with these guys. We had many concerns at the beginning – how does applying for multiple credit cards affect your credit? It’s roughly a 7-9 point deduction per card, which takes 2-3 months to build back up. I already earn points, how much more can you really maximize things? A lot! I was shocked! Can I not research this myself online for free? I could spend many hours and still not know what they do.

This isn’t for everyone. If you have bad credit, had your credit compromised or do not pay off your credit cards – we do not recommend this service. We recommend you work on building up your credit score and paying your debts off and building a budget around a cash positive budget. Contact our office if you need help with this.

Here is an example of a trip to Disneyland:

Disneyland Family Vacation

Disneyland vacation cost for 2 adults and 2 kids during Spring Break - $4,500.

After 3 credit cards in one year:

Total Annual Fees Paid - $739

Total Points Earned - 122,500 + 250 WJD

Total Disneyland vacation cost after applying points (includes cost of credit cards) - $3,029.

Total cash savings on Disneyland vacation - $1,471.

Spending an average of $2,500/month on credit cards to achieve this.

This trip includes:

  • Round trip economy flights to Los Angeles from Vancouver
  • 5 day car rental from Los Angeles airport - full-size car or SUV
  • 3 days in Disneyland/California Adventure
  • Hotel stay for 5 nights with free breakfast and less than a 10-minute walk from the Disneyland park entrance

Costs that were not included:

  • Fuel
  • Any personal spending you decide to do
  • Hotel resort fees, if applicable

No matter what your travel looks like, The Points Brothers can save you money.