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Do you travel? Would you prefer to pay less for your travel? We have a unique opportunity for you. What’s in it for us? Nothing – our goal is to help you save for and enjoy retirement, but also enjoy life along the way.

We have partnered with The Points Brothers, who help people save 1000s of dollars on travel with custom points and miles plans for your travel needs. Let me explain….

The Magic Wealth Ingredient

There is a legend about a successful financial advisor in Warren Buffett's stomping grounds of Omaha, Nebraska. It is reported that this advisor has learned the art of communicating the basics of wealth building with the local farmers. The advisor, who we will call Fred Smith, greets clients in his office with a window behind his desk that overlooks fields of blowing wheat and corn.

Choose Wisely

Almost everyone agrees that it's a good idea to have a will. However, it is estimated that about half of Canadians do not have one, and it is likely that many wills are out of date, perhaps even invalid.

Not having a will can make the sorting out of your estate unnecessarily expensive, complicated and time consuming. When having your will prepared, one of the most important decisions you will make is who you would like as executor.