If you're like many of our clients, you've saved money diligently for years without a plan. You want to grow your savings, protect your family's future and someday, enjoy your retirement— but in order to do that, you need professional financial advice.

Over the last 14 years, our advisors have helped hundreds of families, just like yours, understand their finances, build wealth wisely and have confidence in their future.

  • Independent advisors focused on your success
  • Transparent communication around fees
  • Lower fees and better service than your bank

  • Prompt and regular communication
  • Tailored financial advice
  • Invested in your success

Parallel Wealth helps clients save, invest and manage their money wisely so they can achieve their financial goals and feel confident about the future.

Certified Financial Planner®
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You deserve a strategic financial plan.

Whether you're just starting out as a young family, approaching your retirement or somewhere in between, Parallel Wealth can help.

1. Meet With Us

Book a free call with an advisor to share your current goals and discuss if our services are right for you. If they are, we'll dive deeper into your finances during an in-person meeting!

2. Personalized Financial Strategy

With a clear understanding of your unique goals in mind, we'll create a customized plan to help you work towards achieving them!

3. Retire Confidently

Our team monitors your wealth as it builds, keeping you informed every step. With a financial strategy in place, you'll have confidence in your financial future.

"Dallas' knowledge is better than I've experienced with other financial advisors. He's personable and explains things so that newbies like myself can understand it. He's only a phone call or email away and quick to respond. I'm happy I decided to invest with Parallel Wealth!"


The Parallel Wealth Team

Financial Planner, Surrey British Columbia BC, Adam Bornn

Adam Bornn, CFP

Certified Financial Planner

Adam is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) working with clients looking to build a financial, retirement and estate plan since 2006. He can help build a cash flow plan,optimize your savings and eventually, transition that plan towards a retirement plan that will provide a reliable income stream for life. Throughout the process, he ensures the estate plan is integrated into your overall financial plan to reduce taxes and make sure your estate gets passed according to your wishes.

Adam also works closely with companies on their retirement savings strategies to help his businesses attract and retain good employees. He separates himself in this space by offering one-on-one meetings with your employees to help with in all facets of their financial plan. He also uses different forms of technology to help connect with all employees at their various levels.

Adam spends his personal time with his wife Stephanie and 4 young children: Madelyn, Mason, Easton and Everly. In his limited spare time, you’ll find Adam on the golf course or building something in his shop. Adam serves at Village Church and supports a variety of local charities and nonprofits.

Adam helps clients invest and plan for retirement with minimum assets of $250,000.

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Insurance Broker, Surrey British Columbia BC, Dallas Clemyck

Dallas Clemyck

Financial Advisor

Dallas is a licensed advisor in British Columbia and is currently on the educational path to earning the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. Dallas works with those looking to build their retirement savings and protect their plan along the way. He specializes in income protection along with asset growth and protection. He will build out a financial plan for you around your budgeting, tax and lifestyle needs.

Dallas turns financial language into plain language. He creates a clear plan to helpyou reach your retirement goals and everything in between. With his partnership,you’ll have access to unbiased financial advice and avoid making wrong decisions along the way.

Dallas enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, playing guitar, competitive sports, riding motorcycles and hunting. He currently volunteers as a guitarist for Village Church and formerly for the Langley RCMP.

Dallas helps clients invest and plan for retirement with minimum assets of $50,000.

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Tammy Beale

Tammy Beale

Client Services Manager

Tammy works with our clients to ensure their experience is second to none. She is the friendly voice you hear when you call the office and she will answer all your questions in a timely manner. Tammy also facilitates all client administrative requests. She keeps order at the office and is passionate about ensuring a high level client experience, engagement and communication.

Tammy was born and raised in Nova Scotia and now lives in Langley with her husband and daughter. She enjoys quality time with her family, working out, family vacations and hiking. If you need anything, Tammy is available! Email or call her today.

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Stephanie Bornn

Stephanie Bornn

Marketing Manager

Stephanie works on social media and client marketing for Parallel Wealth. She works with the team to plan client events, newsletters and other ongoing touch points. Stephanie builds systems for the team to ensure the client experience is at the highest level possible.

Stephanie was born and raised in Kelowna and now lives in Langley with her husband Adam and 4 kids. Stephanie enjoys little get aways with her family as well as exploring the outdoors.

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How do I work with a financial advisor?

At Parallel Wealth, we believe you deserve to feel confident about your finances. We understand how hard you work for your money, and how important it is to protect your future. Over the last 14 years, hundreds of families have trusted us to create a financial plan that works for them.

Here's how we do it — Start by booking a free call with our team to share more about your goals and learn if our services are right for you. After an in-person meeting focused on gaining a clearer understanding of your finances, we'll create a customized plan to help you reach your goals. Going forward, our team manages and monitors your plan so you can have confidence in your financial future.

How do I pay you for your services?

We have 3 different fee structures:

Fee-based: our services are priced at a set-fee, or by the hour. All fees are disclosed and explained before work is completed.

Asset-based: a fee based on the investments we manage for you. Our fees include planning services and ongoing engagement.

Insurance Planning: We are paid a commission by the insurance company for placed policies. We are paid the same by all insurance companies so there is no conflict of interest for us.

Please contact our office for more details on the fee structures to see what fits you best.

Is my money protected?

We're partnered with professional money managers to look after your money – we look after the planning. The investment managers we partner with provide coverage through CDIC (much like your bank) and are all part of the Canadian Securities Administrators.

Is Parallel Wealth Financial Group owned by a larger financial institution?

Unlike most of our competitors, we are not owned by anyone. That means we can offer unbiased recommendations that are best for you and not the corporate coffers.

Do you sell mutual funds?

We sold mutual funds as part of our solution to clients for many years, but we no longer offer mutual funds. Over 2 years ago we found a better, lower cost solution through Wealthsimple that provides our clients with a superior investment experience at a much lower cost.

What legal responsibility do you have to your clients?

As a Certified Financial Planner, Adam has a fiduciary duty to all his clients of our firm. He ensures all clients of the firm have a plan that is best for them. Adam and Dallas are members of Advocis, the independent designation body for the financial services industry. They are also both members of FP Canada, the governing body for Certified Financial Planners, holding them to fiduciary, regulatory and best practices along with ongoing education requirements.

I noticed you have an asset minimum, but do you provide insurance planning or hourly financial

Yes! We'd love to connect you with one of our advisors for an introductory call to discuss your options! We're happy to help with either on an independent basis. Contact our office for details.